How to Recommend a Firm

We frequently get requests for recommendations for places to get work done or where to buy parts etc.  To provide a place for members to share Recommendations we are expanding the Recommended Supplier section on the JustRuns Board.

If you wish to add a Provider to the  Member Recommend Parts or Service Provider list, send us an email.  Contact Info . 

1. Name of the firm
2. Location/City
3. Type of Parts/Service
4. Provide a .jpg of the firm’s business card or the URL of their website (REQUIRED)
5. Include a brief statement about your experience with the firm
6. Include your REAL NAME, email and Phone Number (REQUIRED)
7. ONLY recommend firms that you have had personal experience with, not ones you have “heard about”. 

We do not accept complaints about Vendors/Service Providers . 

If you have had an unhappy experience with a particular supplier, and they have not made a reasonable effort to satisfy your complaint, you can post a message with the Subject “Ask me about (Vendor Name)”. 

  • Include your First and Last REAL NAME.  and Phone Number.  (REQUIRED)
  • Indicate if you want the firm listed on the JustRuns’ “Ask Me About” list.
  • Do not include any other text in your message.

Members who wish to find out about your complaint can email you directly for details. 

NOTE: Messages of this type without a REAL NAME and phone number will be rejected.  Messages with comments or including complaint information will be rejected.


Please be sure you have give the firm a reasonable opportunity to satisfy your complaint before posting the Message.  If the firm later satisfies your complaint please let those who responded know you have been satisfied.