Trail Difficulty Ratings

Trail Difficulty Ratings

The JustRuns Difficulty Rating System Does Not Include a “FEAR FACTOR”.   A trail may be very ‘Scary” for some people but have a “Near Stock” Rating of 1 or 2.

Keep in mind that the equipment below is RECOMMENDED in addition to the REQUIRED EQUIPMENT for all runs.

In addition to the equipment required in the Difficulty Rating,  from time to time a Run Leader may REQUIRE Specific or SPECIAL EQUIPMENT.  eg.  (Extra Fuel, Winch etc.) If Special Equipment is REQUIRED the Run Leader needs to  specify it in the Run Announcement.

A trail can change as the result of weather or usage so any rating is just an estimate based on the Leader’s judgment. We base ratings on what equipment a driver with average experience needs to negotiate a trail without expecting equipment damage. Since individual ratings are only an “Estimate”, there is no guarantee that they are accurate.

The list below uses the word “Required” for some items. What is meant by that word is we feel the listed items are needed for inexperienced drivers to successfully negotiate the trail with good confidence that there will be no vehicle damage and the vehicle will not require towing help.

Two Door vs. Four Door Jeeps.
Because of the extra length use  as a “Rule of Thumb” that a Four Door Jeep needs tires approximately 2 inches taller than a Two Door to  be equal in many height clearance in High Center situations.

1 . Near Stock Front & Rear Tow Attachments. And Required Equipment

1+ Near Stock Above plus AT or MT tires suggested, Appropriate lift for tire size.

2 . Near Stock Above plus, Recommend Min 32” tires for a 2 Dr. or Min 33′ for a 4 Dr. 35″ suggested, for 4dr. .  Anti-Sway  Bar Disconnect Recommended on straight axle vehicles for comfort and better traction.

2+ Slightly Modified Above plus, 32” Required. 33” Suggested, 35″ suggested for long wheel base. 1 TAD suggested (Traction Aiding Device).

3- Modified Above plus  33 Recommended, 35″ Recommended for  long wheelbase., 1 TAD  suggested,  Appropriate lift for tire size.

3 . Modified Above plus, 1 TAD Required (Traction Aiding Device) 2 TADS suggested, 32” tires REQUIRED, 33″ strongly suggested. 35″ strongly suggested if long wheelbase.,

3+ Modified Above plus, 33″ tires Required, 35″ Required for long wheelbase 1 TAD Required, 2 TADs Strongly Suggested. Winch suggested.

4 Highly Modified Above plus, 2 TADs Required , 35″ strongly suggested for short wheelbase. , (37″ Required for Long Wheel Base.)

4+ Highly Modified Above plus, , 35” for 2 Dr. Required  or 37″. if 4 dr., Winch Required. Experienced Drivers Only.
Expect some vehicle damage.

5 Extreme – Very Experienced Drivers and  Highly Modified and/or  Purpose Built Rock Crawlers. Highest Difficulty Rating.
It dosen’t matter  what you have, you are likely to break Or damage SOMETHING!

Note: A Traction Aiding Device (TAD) may be any type including:
A full time or Selectable locker, limited slip (posi), Tru-trac, ARB, OX Lock or any other mechanism that prevents wheel spin when one wheel loses traction.

Trails more difficult than 5 require highly skilled Drivers and Highly Customized Vehicles or the ability to laugh at vehicle damage and possible personal injury.

Trail Ratings are very subjective and the difficulty of a trail can change from time to time due to many factors including weather, erosion, amount of use as well as modifications to the trail by people. We try to accurately describe the difficulty of a trail but sometimes we are surprised. Drivers should always be aware of their skill limitations and the limitations of their equipment. Keep in mind that vehicle damage or injury can occur at any time on any trail. Whenever a driver feels in danger he/she should immediately ask for help. It is always easier to put a strap on a vehicle or guide a vehicle over a dangerous obstacle than to repair a vehicle that was damaged unnecessarily. There is no shame in asking for help.

Note: A Traction Aiding Device (TAD) may be any type including:
A full time locker, limited slip (posi), Tru-trac, ARB, OX Lock or any other mechanism that prevents wheel spin when one wheel loses traction.

Vehicles that arrive for a Run without the equipment specified for the Run Difficulty Rating MAY BE allowed to proceed at the Leader’s discretion. However, if the vehicle repeatedly delays the Group because of inadequate equipment, the Leader may ask the driver to discontinue participation.


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