All About Runs

Lead a run.  Contribute to the club.   Pay it forward.

What does it mean to lead a run?  It means you want to go wheeling and you are inviting some friends.  How hard is that?

The leading of a run can be shared by more than one person. One person might be comfortable with making the announcement but not with driving the lead. If there is another person willing to drive the lead then they can combine their efforts. The run organizer will make the announcement and the other will be the lead driver. Both will receive run leader credit.

On the run you don’t have to babysit people. There is always a mix of experienced people on a run. The experienced 4 wheelers are available and more than willing to help out the less experienced.

Good things about driving the lead: No dust and you get to see the critters before they skitter off into the bushes.

The Phases of a Leading Run

  • Pick a Trail

You probably already have trails in mind. We also have a fair amount of information on various trails right here on our website at: Trails. On the Day Runs page are 17 trails good for day runs. For each one there are descriptions, maps, pictures, GPS tracks, and an example run announcement. All that planning is already done for you. Unless you’re doing an exploratory run it is best for the lead driver to have run the trail before. There are more trail info resources on the web. There are links on Trails page.

  • Announce the Run

Post the who, what, where, and when in a run announcement on the bulletin board.  More info at: Run Announcements.

  • Run the Run

Just before rolling you’ll have a drivers’ meeting. An outline of what can be covered is at: Drivers’ Meeting Outline. With a more experienced group you don’t have to go into detail. And of course our Trail Etiquette applies on the trail.

  • Share the Experience

Post a synopsis how the run went. Anyone on the run can write/post the synopsis and they will receive contribution credit. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long. Show the club what fun you had on the run. (Post it as a reply to the original run announcement.)
Post pictures in the gallery. Anyone can post pictures. You’ll receive contribution credit for posting pictures. More info at:  Posting Pictures to the Gallery.


More Tips for Run Leaders 


If you have questions or concerns about leading feel free to contact me.  Contact Info