Run Announcements


The purpose of a Run Announcement is to give participants the information they need to decide if they want to participate in the run, if they have the equipment and/or skill  for the difficulty rating, and when and where to meet.

To post a Run Announcement log into the Message_Board, go to  Home > Run Announcements, and click “New Topic”.


Run Announcements should include the following.:

>> Include the leader’s name (At least a first name)  and contact info (email address, and mobile phone number).

>> Meeting place and how to get there.

>> Date of the run and time of the drivers’ meeting.

>> Difficulty Rating.   (

>> Indicate run type.  (day, camping, bob tail, etc.  )

>> Radio comms frequency.  (We typically use GMRS. Ham and CB are allowed. )

>> State whether RSVP is required or not.  State whether there is a limit to the number of vehicles. (Naturally RSVP will be required if there is a vehicle number limit.)

>> Remind participants that they must have the Required Equipment.



Extra Tips for Run Leaders