Donate to JustRuns

JustRuns does not charge either Members or Guests to participate in any of our Runs/Events.  We also do not have Dues and do not accept Sponsorships from Shops or Suppliers.   JustRuns intentionally has no Treasury and no Bank Account.  We do however, have a few modest internet expenses and therefore rely on small, voluntary donations from Members to pay for Internet Web Hosting.

If you feel JustRuns is worth supporting, please consider making a donation via PayPal or Check.  Donations of any size are appreciated !

Via PayPal send your donation to: harlow_1 at yahoo period com. Please select Friends and Family” so PayPal doesn’t charge a fee.

Via Check:  Make your check to:  Steve Harlow  (JustRuns does not have a Bank Account so we can’t cash a check made out to JustRuns)

Mail your check to:
7810 Norcanyon Way
S.D. , CA 92126