Participant Responsibilities

We Encourage Safe, Legal, Environmentally Responsible 4 Wheeling

  • We expect participants to behave responsibly and to consider the safety of themselves, their passengers and others when participating with our group. We expect Participants to TREAD LIGHTLY  with Minimal Impact on the environment and Respect Private Property and Closed Areas. 

  • It is the participating vehicle owner’s responsibility to make sure the vehicle is in reliable and safe operating condition. Neither JustRuns 4WD Club or the Run Leaders inspect  participant’s vehicles or equipment. We expect participants to make sure their equipment is in good working order and safe to use. Allowing participation does not imply that JustRuns 4WD Club  its Moderators , Members or Run Leaders considers the vehicle or equipment to be safe to use or operate on or off -road.

  • The JustRuns Required Equipment list as well as the equipment based on trail Difficulty Rating and any Special Equipment is the minimum equipment needed for participation. Vehicle owners/operators need to insure the specified equipment is available and in working order and must decide what, if any, additional equipment might be needed for safe operation. 

  • Under no circumstances does this Group condone illegal, foolhardy or risky behavior on our runs. Participants who act irresponsibly  will be asked to stop or asked to leave the event. 

  • Drinking on the trail.  <— Click

  • We do our best to restrict travel to established trails and avoid “cross country” travel which can damage flora and fauna and cause erosion.

  • We expect members to do their best to avoid damage to the environment. We practice “Trash In, Trash Out” and try to leave the area cleaner than when we found it.

  • We respect Private Property.

  • We obey official signs indicating an area is closed to motor vehicles.

We prefer to be called “Four Wheelers” rather than “Off-Roaders” as the latter term implies not following established trails.

Four Wheeling can be a dangerous activity.  Even with care and done responsibly there is always a possibility or damage or injury to participants and others.  Participation in this activity is strictly voluntary. There is never a charge by JustRuns, its Moderators or Run Leaders.  No contract is created between JustRuns its Moderators or Run Leaders and Participants.  JustRuns 4WD Club, its Moderators and Run Leaders are not responsible for any damage or injury to participants, passengers, other parties, real or personal property or vehicles.

As a Member you can Post and Lead Runs anytime by simply posting a Run Announcement on the Group Bulletin Board.  If you have been a Member for a while and have never led a Run, Please consider posting and leading a Run.  Leading is EASY and FUN and there is no dust.