Flat Tire and No Wheel Lock Key

Yesterday I got an email from a member. Jay Peterson,  who was on a run  with another group when one of the participants got a Flat tire.  When they went to change the tire, the wheel had wheel locks and the owner couldn’t find his Wheel Lock Key.  Others who had wheel locks had different keys.  This could have been very bad but one of the guys had watched the video link below and had a solution.


I don’t use wheel locks mainly because I have banged up,steel wheels that no one would steal.  But, lots of people with expensive wheels use wheel locks.  When going on a Run, I suggest you check to make sure where you wheel lock key is before leaving home.  Better yet, when going on a Run, remove your wheel locks and replace them with standard lug nuts for the Run.  No one is going to steal your wheels while you are out on the trail.  Removing your wheel locks ahead will speed your flat replacement.