Photo Gallery Posting Instructions (duplicate)

Photo Gallery Uploading Directions

 If you are having problems uploading photos, contact Roger at or 619.977.6796 or email the photos to Roger along with which Album they belong in and he will upload them in the Album for you.

Register –  It only takes a minute. 

To upload photos you must first Register with Photo Gallery.  This is different from
your Yahoo registration.

Go to: and click on “Register”
in the upper right corner of the screen.  Then Login to Gallery.

Runs Section

The Moderator will set up a separate Album for each Run.
(Only Moderators can set up Albums in this Section.)
 Login using your Gallery registered username and password

  • Open the “Runs” Album
  • Open (Select) the Album for the specific Run you wish to upload into
  • Select “Add Item”
  • Browse for the location and name of your .jpg file.
  • You can upload several files at once using the “Upload Applete” at the top of the page..
  • Add a caption and move to the next line.
  • At bottom of screen select: Set Item Titles From “Caption”
  • Do not uncheck the “create thumbnails now”.
  • You will see a message stating upload is complete and the number of files uploaded
  • Repeat if you wish to upload more photos.  (We do not have unlimited photo storage space so please be a bit selective about which photos you upload.)

BE SURE that you have Opened the correct Album before uploading the photos.

You Open the Album by clicking on the Specific Album cover.