Items to Carry

While this list contains an extensive number of items, it is only a reference for potential things you may wish to carry. There are surely some items not listed here. Some of the items are very important and some are only necessary for extended duration trips. It’s up to you to decide what you will and will not carry. This is just a good reference to go through before you head out into the great outdoors. Remember, being prepared can make the difference between getting stranded and getting home.
– Lug wrench
– Air compressor fittings
– Maps
– Air hose
– Matches (in waterproof case)
– Air locker fittings
– Mini grease gun with extra grease
– Allen wrenches
– Money, license, insurance info
– Antifreeze
– Needle nose
– Shackles
– Axe
-Bailing wire
-Brake fluid
-Propane torch
-Brake line wrenches
-Pry bar
-Bug repellant
-Radiator & gas tank repair putty
-Rags/paper towels
-Rain gear / poncho
-Cell phone & Charger
-Razor knife
-Replacement Nuts/Bolts/Washers
-Socket Set
– Fares
-Wrench Set
-Cooking & eating utensils
-Rubber fuel hose (5/16 inch or 3/8 inch)
-Screw Drivers
-Cordless drill
-Side cutters
-Snap-ring plier set50.
-Snatch block
– Drill bits
-Soap (can be used for gas tank repairs)
-Duct tape
-Easy outs
-Solderless crimp connector and terminals
-Something to drain fluids into
-Kitty Litter
-Electrical kit
-Spare fuel filters
-Electrical tape
-Spare tire
-Electrical wire
– Engine oil
-Extra belts
-Sun glasses
– Hat
– Extra clothing
-Extra gasoline
-Extra u-joints and u-bolts/straps
-Test light
-Fire extinguisher
-First-aid kit
-Thread locker
-Tie downs
-Flashlight w/ extra batteries
-Tire plug kit