Truckhaven Hills


Level 1 to 3+

Truckhaven Hills (or simply “Truckhaven”) is located about 20 miles east of Borrego Springs, CA. Generally it is the area north of Hwy S22 and west of Hwy 86. It is the north east corner of Ocotillo Wells OHV park (OWSVRA) in western Imperial County.

Truckhaven is a really good place. There are all types of trails all over the place. It’s about 3 miles by 3 miles. There are too many trails to map.

The area is an “Open” area, as opposed to “Limited Use Area”. There are trails going every which way. The area is mostly comprised of heavily eroded ancient hills comprised of dried mud which slopes downward toward the east. These hills are deeply cut by a series of washes running from west to east. The southern most wash is Amerosa Wash then Anza Ditch continuing northward is Palm Wash, Coral Wash, Grave Wash and the northern boundary is Big Wash.

If you are going to be doing a lot of climbs and cresting of ridges I recommend having a sand flag.

Map of the Truckhaven area. (This is from the California Trail Map, which I highly recommend. California Trail Map)


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Truckhaven Hills gets its name from the Truckhaven Trail which got its name from the Truck Haven Cafe. Some time before 1929 the Truck Haven Cafe opened up on highway 99 near the Salton Sea. (Highway 99 is now California 86.) In 1929 Alfred A. Beaty graded a trail from Borrego Springs to the Truck Haven Cafe. The trail became known as the Truckhaven Trail. Today the S-22 pretty much follows the old Truckhaven Trail. The cafe operated into the 1960s. The structure collapsed in the 1980s or 1990s. It was located at N33.29719° W115.97697°. It is just a sandlot now.

Truck Haven Cafe, 1947.



Mark T Up Quemado (I think it is sometimes erroneously referred to as ‘Quemondo’.

Truckerville RV Park

C-Clip Hill (A great place to mangle your undercarriage.)

Sometimes you need a little tug.

Suzanne Up the Arch Step

The Wide Arch

Payphone on the Dusty. I didn’t have a dime with me so I can’t tell you whether it works or not.

Group at the top of Quemado.