Truckhaven Hills

Truckhaven is located in the North East corner of Ocotillo Wells OHV park is western Imperial County. Generally the area north of Hwy S22 and west of Hwy 86. It is located about 20 miles east of Borrego Springs CA.  The area is sometimes erroneously called “TDS” because the Tierra del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club used to hold their Annual Desert Safari in the area.

Truckhaven is a GREAT place to learn 4 Wheeling because the terrain is so varied yet very “forgiving”. The area is “Open Driving” so there are no “Organized” trails but rather trails going every which way.  The area is mostly comprised of heavily eroded ancient hills comprised of dried mud which slopes downward toward the east.  These hills are deeply cut by a series of washes running from west to east.   The southern most wash is Amerosa Wash then Anza Ditch continuing northward is Palm Wash, Coral Wash, Grave Wash and the northern boundary is Big Wash.


Truckhaven Coordinates