Toro Peak Trail

The Toro Peak Trail is very scenic. ¬†On a clear day you can see 50 miles or more in all directions. ¬†The trail is a graded Forest Road with few if any challenges. ¬†I’d rate it as a 1 to 1+ in good weather. ¬†However it is very high and often has quite a bit of snow. ¬†There is a section of Shelf Road next to a cliff of a few hundred feet that would be dangerous if there was snow or ice. ¬†The trail head ¬†is located south and east of Hemet and east of the community of Anza on the Pines to Palms Highway (Hwy 74). ¬†From I-15 on the south side of Temecula take Hwy 79 east to Hwy 371. ¬†Continue through Anza to Hwy 74 east. ¬†The trailhead is about 6 miles east of the intersection of 371 and 74 on the south side.