Slickrock Trail

Slick Rock Trail:

This is a fun trail that connects Utica Reservoir and Lake Alpine. Utica Reservoir is accessed from Spicer Road about 10 miles up from the Ramsey turnoff. Take the left turn to Utica and follow the gravel road to the trailhead. The first mini-obstacle is a climb up a rocky ledge. After a brief flat area, you’ll encounter a rocky drop down a taller ledge. Beyond that you’ll cross and wander along the creek until encountering the slick rock hill. A step at the bottom of the slab will cause problems with open diffs. The final obstacle is an off-camber sluice. Total time to transverse the trail is about 2 hours. This trail rates a 2.5-3, 30″ tires minimum, a limited slip is helpful, some body protection is advised.
GPS: N38 26 42.7 W120 00 45.6 (south end)
GPS: N38 28 08.1 W120 00 39.6 (north end)