John Bull Trail (SBNF)

John Bull Trail is probably the most Challenging trail in the Big Bear Area.  The trail is usually done from east to west to avoid congestion.  The trail is often very crowded on weekends.  There are very challenging “Gate Keepers” at both ends of the trail.  I’d rate them as a 3 to 3+ difficulty.  33″ min (35″ for 4 Dr.) and lockers strongly advised.  This trail changes from year to year and season to season.  The big changes are at the Gate Keepers.  People stack rocks to make it easier to pass then others remove the rocks to maintain the challenge.  It is always fun for anyone who makes it without damage.  I don’t advise it for beginners or anyone afraid of body damage.  I would rate the trail as a 3 minus to a 3 in difficulty.

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