Painted Gorge

Level 2 to 3                 Trail Ratings

This is one of my favorite areas. It has lots of moderately technical trail. There’s plenty of level 2+. Challenging but the not a serious threat to your underwear. A couple of the trails (the “Peak” and especially the “Ridge”) have some very good views.

It is about five miles north of the 8, north of Ocotillo. One limitation is that it is only open from July 1 to December 31 each year. (They close it from January 1 to June 30 each year apparently to repaint it.) There are two gates marked by blue circles on the map below.

There is a main loop and a couple trails that radiate of of it. It would be too much to do all of it in one day. The loop, the peak, and possibly the west spur would make a day. If you do the ridge it is a full day.

Videos of previous runs:

Video, November 2016




Bighorn Sheep (Photo courtesy of Frank G.)

Just under Carrizo Mountain peak.

The rock slide up to the Ridge.

Just before the switchbacks on the way to the Ridge.

The switchbacks up to the Ridge.

The Kittens Back.