Odessa Canyon

Difficulty: Moderate-Extreme
Length: 1.3 Miles
Category: Altitude, Desert, Ghost Town, Iconic, Mine, Mud, Overland, Rock, Sand
Highest Elevation: 3,200 ‘
Duration: about 3 hours
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Go: North
Nearest Town:
Nearest Town w/ Service:
Forest Service Road: #
Forest Service / Park District:

Odessa Canyon Highlights

Highlights: Odessa Canyon - Barstow, CaliforniaOdessa Canyon is the flagship trail for Calico. Comprised of many hard obstacles with no bypasses, this trail will make you earn your trip to the top. On top of the difficulty, Odessa provides the best views in the area. Many people leave this trail only wanting to do it again. But be ready, this trail has a 7 foot waterfall, an extremely narrow rollover spot that you just have to see to believe, and a super tight off-camber canyon. With everything this trail offers, don’t be surprised if the trail wreaks havoc on your vehicle.

Please note Odessa Canyon is very tight, and it is highly recommended that only a short narrow wheel base attempt this trail.

Technical rating: (3 to 4+) Moderate-Extreme

Severe conditions. Extreme caution recommended. Impassable by stock vehicles. Winching required. Trail building necessary. May be impassable. Impassable under anything but ideal conditions. Vehicle damage probable. Personal injury possible. Extreme caution necessary.