Lost Coast Trail

The Lost Coast Trail is easy in dry weather 1 to 1+ difficulty but can be impassable when wet.  The area is called the Lost Coast because when they were building Hwy 1, they decided the coastline in the Kings Range was too rugged to build a highway.  The area remains very sparsely populated to this day.

Usal Beach

Usal Beach at Usal Campground is the southernmost beach in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park along the Mendocino North Coast. It’s a remote dark sand beach that’s over a mile long and quite deep at the mouth of Usal Creek. You can drive to Usal Beach via long windy roads, but it’s best with a 4WD or high-clearance vehicle and only when the roads aren’t wet. RV’s and cars with trailers are not advised on these roads. This is a seasonal area that is only open March through October typically. Usal Beach is popular with Jeep and 4×4 clubs because of this rugged drive and the ability to drive right onto the beach. The Lost Coast Hiking Trail begins at Usal Beach and takes hikers and backpackers north to Anderson Beach, Wheeler Beach, and beyond. The camp spots at Usal are in a meadow area not far from the beach.