Coyote Canyon

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There are upper and lower Coyote Canyon trails. They used to be one trail but the middle section was blocked off years ago. That is in order to provide a good habitat for the longhorn sheep. You can reach the Lower Coyote Canyon from Borrego Springs. The Upper Coyote Canyon is reached through the town of Anza.

There are a couple water crossing early on on Lower Coyote Canyon. The water level is quite variable depending on the season and rainfall. There used to be a nice rocky climb at N33.37071° W116.42881° but the word is that it was graded in 2019.

Upper Coyote Canyon would make for a long day run. It also has an interesting section of trail up Horse Canyon.

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Lower Coyote Canyon

The former rocky slope.

Valley near Santa Catarina Historic Monument

Upper Coyote Canyon

There can be some nice flowers there at the right time of year.

Nance Canyon and Horse Canyon join.

There is some more interesting trail up Horse Canyon

Bailey’s Cabin in Fig Tree Valley

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