Sandstone Canyon (ABDSP)

Level 1+ to 2                 (Rating System)

This is a popular trail. Much of it is a narrow canyon with impressive high rock walls. There have been notable changes to it in the past few years. A couple new obstacles have appeared and one has disappeared. There are rock falls from the canyon walls. And apparently they can wash away too.

This trail is part of a popular day run that includes Arroyo Seco del Diablo, Diablo Drop-Off, a bit of Fish Creek Wash, and Sandstone Canyon. (See also ABDSP South Tour.)

In about February 2021 new official signs were put up to designate the end of the trail. They are about 1.7 miles up from the entrance. They are at the “rock fall – 2nd obstacle” shown in the map below. We can’t go past that now.

Once you get to the trail there isn’t much more navigating. There are no turns or intersections. The beginning of the trail is at N32.97925° W116.21470°.

first obstacle
The first obstacle used to be at N32.98650° W116.22543° but it vanished in 2017.

new new obstacle
The next obstacle is at N32.98796° W116.22717°. It appeared before March 2019.

new obstacle
The next obstacle is at N32.98884° W116.23005°. It appeared before December 2017. It has gotten worn down some since this picture was taken. The rocks here are largely crumbly like dried mud.

old second obstacle
The next obstacle is at N32.98956° W116.23426°. This used to be as far as most people went. It was a fairly serious obstacle. You would want 35″ or better tires and 4″ or better lift. It has gotten worn down with time and you can make it with moderate tires and lift. (This obstacle is off limits as of February, 2021.)