Four Peaks Trail

The Four Peaks area is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts because it offers an astonishing array of activities and history. The only amethyst mine in America is located here, and the region also has a rich history of gold mining/panning. Looking for a place to throw some rounds down range? There are several makeshift shooting ranges on this trail, but be mindful of safety and signage that shows approved shooting areas.

As you ascend in elevation, you will be treated with a jaw-dropping panorama of the Mazatzal mountains and lower desert. Without the occasional distraction from the hum of an off road vehicle, this place is intoxicatingly silent. Want to write a book about the great Southwest? This is the place for the inspiration.Not looking for inspiration to write a new novel? That’s fine, because you will encounter a mesmerizing view of a man-made creation on the backside of the mountain; the expansive Lake Roosevelt. With a cool breeze brushing against your face you will gaze upon a body of enchantingly dark blue water. Take a seat, pop a tent, and laugh with joy when you think of your friends sitting at home trying to find something to do. You may be so happy that you even forgot your dilemma with picking the right trail.

Technical rating: (1-2+)

Dirt road. Rutted, washes, or gulches. Water crossings up to 6″ depth. Passable mud. Grades up to 10 degrees. Small rocks or holes. 4WD recommended but 2WD possible under good conditions and with adequate ground clearance and skill. No width problems for any normal vehicle. Vehicle passing spots frequently available if less than two vehicles wide.