Dripping Springs

Location: South LaPosa BLM Campground.
Length in miles or time to complete: 30 miles. 6 hours.
Trail Description: This is a moderate trail that starts and ends at the LaPosa BLM Campground (south of Quartzsite on Hwy 95). After running east for several miles through dirt roads and washes, the trail turns north up and over the mountain, with several climbs, ridge-runs and shelf roads. A good lunch spot (with plenty of parking) is found close to the Apache Chief Mine shortly before the trail turns W/SW towards Dripping Springs. The SW traverse past Dripping Springs is the most difficult part of the trail. Dripping Springs itself is at the end of a spur off the main trail, and requires a short hike to see the springs. After making its way through a slot canyon, the trail then turns west back to LaPosa BLM Campground, with the same terrain/difficulty experienced on the eastward leg.