How to Adjust Mirrors

The majority of drivers do not know how to properly adjust rear view mirrors to avoid blind spots.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), the people that set standards for just about everything automotive, give the following instructions for adjusting rear view mirrors to maximize the area covered and minimize Blind Spots.  This system virtually eliminates blind spots to the rear.

Adjust the inside mirror as normal for your normal driving position.


  1. While staying in the normal driving position, without moving your shoulders, tilt (but don’t turn) your head to the left so that the side of your head barely touches the drivers side window.
  2. Adjust the drivers side outside mirror so that you can just barely see the left rear corner of your vehicle.  


  1. Repeat similar to the above by moving your head to the approximate angle as above but on your right.
  2. Adjust the Passengers side outside mirror so you can barely see the right hand corner of your vehicle.

Your mirrors are now properly adjusted and your view to the rear is maximized.  There are virtually no  blind spots.  As another vehicle approaches from the rear it will first appear in the inside mirror.  As it catches up to you and begins to pass , on either side, it will disappear from your inside mirror.  The instant it disappears from your inside mirror it will appear in the outside mirror.  As it pulls directly beside you it will disappear from your outside mirror but should be visible in your peripheral vision as you look ahead.