Using a Winch

Whenever using a winch, the vehicle with the winch should have it’s engine running and someone in the front seat with the parking brake and service brakes on. If automatic transmission in Park.  If manual transmission, and possible, have the person with the winch controller outside the vehicle with some else sitting in the winching vehicle.

The driver of the stuck or disabled vehicle should be in the vehicle steering and helping without overrunning the winch cable. The vehicle being winched should avoid spinning his wheels. Help but let the winch do most of the work. If the vehicle doing the winching starts to slide, use a “Deadman” to secure the winching vehicle in place.

If using steel winch cable, place a blanket, jacket or other item on the cable to slow the cable in case it breaks or comes loose.  When using a winch leather gloves are highly recommended to prevent injury from frayed or damaged cable.  As cable is being reeled in try to wind it evenly on the winch drum.