How to Post Photos


Any member can register to upload photos to the Gallery. (No videos in the Gallery. We don’t have the disk space for videos.)

If you would like to add pictures to the gallery you need to register for the gallery. That is separate from registering as a club member. (Sorry, that’s the way it is. They are two separate software packages. We take what software we can get. When you register for the gallery you can enter the same ID and password as you used for membership registration. That way you won’t have to remember a new ID and password.)

If you are having problems uploading photos contact the administrator.  Contact Info    

Register – 

Go to:  the gallery page and click on “Register” in the upper right corner of the screen.  Follow the procedure. Your registration will have to be approved before you can log in.

Albums –

From the main top page you can select a year to descend into. At the year page you can select a run album page to descend into.

Only moderators can set up albums in this section. The moderators will set up a separate album for each run. You can add photos to existing albums.

Adding pictures –

  • Login using your Gallery registered username and password
  • Navigate to the run album you would like to add to.
  • Click “+ Add Items”
  • Use “Choose File” to select your picture file to upload. (You can upload several files at once by clicking on “More Upload Boxes”.)
  • You can add captions for the pictures.
  • Do not uncheck the “create thumbnails now”.
  • Click the “Add Items” button at the bottom. (And wait a bit. It might look like it is doing nothing but it is doing the actual file upload now. It might take ten seconds.)
  • Repeat the above if you wish to upload more photos.  (We have finite photo storage space so please be a bit selective about which photos you upload.)

Make SURE that you have opened the correct album before uploading the photos.   You open the album by clicking on the specific album cover.

Known bug –

The image rotation feature is broken in the Gallery software. (It tries to call the rotation function in a graphics library that doesn’t have a rotation function. There is also EXIF confusion.) So if your picture shows up sideways you have to either live with it or rotate it on your computer before uploading it.