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  • Run: Mica Gem Mine: June 13, 2020

Author Topic: Run: Mica Gem Mine Trail (13 June 2020)  (Read 754 times)


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Run: Mica Gem Mine Trail (13 June 2020)
« on: May 26, 2020, 09:42:56 AM »
Run: Mica Gem Mine Trail
Run Location Jucumba, CA
Run Leader: Dave Dunn   (952) 426-2076
Specific Meeting Location:  Dirt Lot across from Jucumba Chevron (Exit 73 I-8)
Date of the Run:
Meeting Time:  8 a.m.     Departure Time:  8:30 a.m.

Difficulty Rating.   1+ to 2   I’ve seen stock JKs make this and a full size pickup although with some difficulty.

No Special Equipment Required

This is a day run.  Lunch on the trail.

Standard JustRuns primary frequency: HAM 146.550 MHz.

Please include full name, email address, and phone number
[RSVP to Dave and not the whole club.]
Limit 12 vehicles including lead.
Participants are must have JustRuns required equipment (

Plan Summary:  Meet at the dirt lot across from the Chevron Jucumba (Exit 73 I-8) at 8:00am.  Air down and quick drivers meeting.  We will follow the 016 trail along the south side of the interstate and cross under at the 019 trail.  We will make a stop at the Mica Gem Mine for picture and to explore a little bit and then continue north into the Table Mountain area.  We will take a turn onto the 033 and link back up with the 019.  Depending upon time we can explore a couple of the out and backs ensuring that we do not cross into the wilderness area or the watershed.  Lunch will be on the trail and then we will head back out the way we came.  We will end up back at the dirt lot where we can air back up or link back up with your trailers.

Expected run time is 4-5 hours.  This is a 19-mile round trip.

I currently have 6 rigs that have expressed interest in this run.  So at present there is room for 6 additional rigs.  I will maintain a wait list in the event someone drops out between now and the run date.

Per current JustRuns Covid guidelines:
- Do not attend a run if you have virus symptoms.
- Do not attend a run if you have had contact with someone with symptoms in the past two weeks.
- Wear masks whenever possible when outside your vehicle.
- Keep your distance from other people. (The often recommended six feet. More with wind.)
- No shaking hands or hugs.
- Lunches on the trail are allowed. Mind your distance and the wind.
- You are recommended to have some hand cleaner and use it occasionally.
- You are recommended to wash your hands after stopping at a gas station or store.
- Avoid assembling larger run groups for now. We typically don't have huge groups. Let's keep it 12 or under for now.
- Avoid high risk obstacles. We want to avoid the likelihood of requiring a rescue or recovery.
- Make sure you are on a permitted trail. We don't want to be attracting bad attention now. Know who owns or has jurisdiction over the trail. State parks are still closed.
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Re: Run: Mica Gem Mine Trail (13 June 2020)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2020, 02:52:43 PM »
This run is now full.  We have hit our max of 12 vehicles.

I will continue to maintain a list of alternate in the event that one of the primaries informs me that they can't make it.  Alternates will be placed in order of e-mail date/time to me.


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Re: Run: Mica Gem Mine Trail (13 June 2020)
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2020, 06:35:59 PM »
Run Report: Mica Gem Mine, 13 June 2020

We had a great day.  Led a group of 13 rigs.  Don’t know where #13 came from since I only had 12 RSVPs but oh well it was a Bakers Dozen.

The morning started off typical with temperatures in the low 70s with a slight overcast.  This made for a beautiful first 2 hours of the run.  Then of course it burned off and got a bit warmer.
We met as planned at the dirt pad across from the Jucumba Chevron (I-8, Exit 73), had a quick drivers meeting and aired down.  After that we headed out on the trail.  We hopped on to BLM 016 and hugged the south side if I-8 until we got to the underpass where we turned north onto BLM 019.  After a mile or two we came up to the Mica Gem Mine where we made a pit stop and took some pictures.  Several people took a walk up to the mine entrance.

From there we continued north on 019 to the intersection of 019 and 033.  Here we turned west and followed the trail to the intersection of 033 and 039 and turned north again.  This kept us on 033 all the way up to the intersection of 019 again where we turned southeast and followed the trail back to our starting point. 
A few interesting rocky assents and decents but nothing of any real problem.  Only one good obstacle that challenged us a little.  A 10 foot or so double step down with about 2’ steps and ruts.  It was fun and everyone made it without an issue.

The run was quicker than expected and only took 3 hours.  So we had a quick drivers meeting and 8 of us decided to follow Steve across the road and we ran down to the border wall, did some Hollywood posing and then ran the Border trail loop.  Thanks Steve for volunteering to lead that.  I’d only done it once before and was not totally comfortable leading this leg.

We finished up about 2:00pm back at the parking lot.  Everyone aired back up and then headed back into town.

And the best news, no trail breakdowns.

I want to thank everyone that made the run.  Hope you all enjoyed the trail and am looking forward to planning another run for the club in the near future.

[Admin - The picture gallery is at  I put four pictures there. Others may post additional pictures.]
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