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Title: Day/Exploratory Run: Bee Canyon to San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail - July 25, 2020
Post by: Barry Blackwood on July 14, 2020, 12:28:10 PM
Day/Exploratory Run: Bee Canyon to San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail
July 25, 2020
Difficulty: 1 - 1+
Run Leaders: Barry & Rebecca Blackwood
Trail Communications: Ham 146.550
Lunch on the trail

Planning on exploring Bee Canyon and continuing on San Jacinto Truck Trail.
The trail begins off of 74 near Hemet and comes out at 243 by Pine Cove. 
We have never run this trail so we’ll call it an exploratory run.
There is supposed to be a water crossing at Strawberry Creek.
Always looking to check out new trails close to home.

We will meet at the trail head located at: Highway 74   33.73699N 116.82474W
Meeting time: 9:00
Leave: 9:15 sharp.
4+ hours on the trail
Take 15 to the 215 north and exit 74 east to trail head.
Make sure you have a full tank, be aired down and ready to go.
Hemet will be warm but once we start climbing it should cool off.

Limit: 10 vehicles

RSVP Required with full name, email and cell #

RSVP to: barry@crestoffsetprinting.com
619 884-0298

Title: Re: Day/Exploratory Run: Bee Canyon to San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail - July 25, 2020
Post by: Barry Blackwood on July 15, 2020, 07:55:07 AM
This run is now full.
Title: Re: Run Report: Bee Canyon to San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail with a twist.
Post by: Barry Blackwood on July 26, 2020, 07:49:25 AM
Bee Canyon/San Jacinto Truck Trail Run Report.
We are always looking for new trails close to home that get us out of the house and onto the trail. Although these trails are basically back country fire roads, they offer great views and scenery. We met at the trailhead located off of 74 and aired down. After we had a short driver’s meeting we headed out onto the first part of the trail. Target shooting is allowed the first few miles of the trail and it was lined with shooters and trash! It’s just a matter of time before the area is closed down to shooting because of the mess they are leaving behind. We continued up the ridge along the trail to Peach Tree Spring where we had to turn everyone around as the trail ended at a large drainage pipe. We then made our way back down to San Jacinto Truck Trail which climbs even higher, offering spectacular views of the surrounding areas. This trail leads you into Pine Cove near Idyllwild and it had quite a bit of traffic. About 5 miles from the end of the trail, we crossed Strawberry Creek, a popular area where people play in the pools of water and little waterfall. Parking can be tight, but it’s a great place to have lunch, as we did under the shade canopy provided by the trees. Before we got to Strawberry Creek, we noticed trail 4S21, Indian Mountain OHV, a 3 black diamond, rated most difficult on the sign. At lunch some of us discussed, after completing the original run we would go back and see what this trail had to offer. We continued out San Jacinto Truck Trail, passing Yellow Post dispersed camping area making our way out to Highway 243. If you are doing this trail, it’s nice because it comes out at a fuel station. After saying our goodbyes, most of the group headed back down the trail making our way to 4S21. Because the trail is narrow in places it made it hard to pass oncoming traffic along the trail but we got through it with some minor bushwhacking. When everyone regrouped at the trailhead I began to lead them up. This trail offered some loose, steep, off-camber, rutted obstacles which allowed for a little air in some places. This trail is about 4 miles long, ending at Highway 243, and took a little over an hour to get through but everyone agreed that it was the highlight of the day.

Rebecca & I would like to thank everyone who came out and joined us for another spectacular day on the trail!

Off to our next adventure!

Barry, Rebecca & Mr. Wilson (the pup)

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