JustRuns Videos on YouTube

If you take a video on a Club Run, please consider sharing it by posting it on Youtube and sending the Link to justruns@yahoo Groups.com so we can add it to the Group Video List so Members and Guests can watch it.
Please edit the video to make it interesting.  Long videos quickly get boring. You can include dialog but be careful including copyrighted music.  Youtube will delete the video if there is copyrighted music.


*  Date of the Run
*  Name/Location of the Run
*  Your Name (At Least Your First Name. 
*  YouTube Link

You can post as many videos as you like but the Video must have been taken on a Club Run.

Email the information above and link to: justruns at yahoogroups dot com  justruns@yahoogroups.com     A Moderator will review your video and add it to our Video List .

Video List