Carrizo Gorge Overlook

Level 1+ to 2                 Trail Ratings

Note: This page requires further revision. Vehicles are not allowed on the western third of the trail described here. Vehicles are not allowed in the ABDSP section, i.e. west of N32.66484° W116.17414°. You can’t drive to the actual overlook now. [Admin 7/10/21]

The Carrizo Gorge Overlook trail is moderately challenging and very scenic trail rated as a 1+ to 2 Difficulty. [It used to be 2 to 2+.] Lockers are not required though they are helpful on one steep and loose hill climb. There is one very sharp switchback that requires care.

Most [now all] of the trail is the Table Mountain area. The western mile or so [used to] cross back into ABDSP.  That [was] the most interesting section but there are still challenges in TM.  The north-south trail on the east has BLM designation TM020.  The north part of that has some twists and bumps.  On TM033 at N32.66644° W116.14006° is what I call the “Lockerama”.  Coming up it there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll need lockers.  Going down it I blew a tire once.  There is a bypass.

This paragraph described the more fun features of the trail. Unfortunately they are all in ABDSP where we can no longer go. I leave this here as a memory of what we are missing.
“On the western ABDSP section there are a few notable features.  There is the “Boulder Dodge” at N32.67202° W116.18553°.  There are numerous colors of automotive paint on that boulder.  There is the Hairpin at N32.67551° W116.18755°.   A JKU will have to make a few jogs.  The “Knob Step” is at N32.67679° W116.18872°.  It’s a step with a knob right in the middle.  If you pick the right line you’ll clear the knob.  The overlook is at N32.67994° W116.19517°.  If you think of it, bring binoculars.  There are interesting distant views of the tracks, tunnels, and cars of “The Impossible Railroad” there.”

There is a nudist resort in the area.  Others JustRunners have reported encountering hikers from that resort on this trail before.  I haven’t.  They tell me I am fortunate.

[I’ll have to revise these GPX files and the map.]
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