Drinking on the Trail and in Camp

Drinking on the Trail

Participants on our runs must follow California Vehicle Code at all times. The law forbids operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and forbids drinking alcohol at any time while in a vehicle by either a driver or passenger whether moving or parked.  The law and our Rule do not distinguish between public or private property or the driver or passenger..

Like driving anywhere else, driving a vehicle off road while under the influence endangers the person drinking, other occupants of his/her vehicle as well as others on the trail.

We do allow participants to drink one beer while outside a vehicle during the Group Lunch Break.

Anyone, whether Driver or Passenger who refuses to follow this policy are asked to not attend JustRuns Events/Runs.

Drinking in Camp

JustRuns is a Family Organization.  We expect Participants to control their alcohol consumption so their behavior remains appropriate for a Family setting.

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