About JustRuns

JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club was started in September of 2002 by Roger and Suzanne Mullins. Β It is an informal group of people who share their passion for 4 wheeling.

The idea behind JustRuns is to have a forum where people can plan and schedule 4 Wheel Drive trips over the internet as well as share 4 wheel drive related information and experiences. There are No Officers, No Meetings, No Dues and No Politics. Anyone can join JustRuns. Anyone, with the proper equipment, can attend any of our Runs. Guests are Always Welcome. There is NEVER a charge by either the Run Leader or the Group for participating.
(From time to time we include runs where a fee is charged by others but none of the proceeds go to JustRuns or Run Leaders.)

Everyone participating in our activities do so with the understanding that 4 wheeling is inherently risky. A potential always exists for serious injury, including death, or damage. It is up to each driver and vehicle owner to protect their own safety, the safety of their vehicle and its occupants as well as the safety of other participants.Β  We NEVER force anyone to attempt any trails/obstacles that they do not want to do.

JustRuns encourages safe and responsible 4 wheeling at all times but from time to time potentially dangerous situations arise. When they come up, the Run Leader and other participants do what they can to assist. However, all participants must be aware that neither the Leader or the Group can guarantee against damage or injury/death and they cannot be responsible if accidents occur.