How to Post and Lead A Run

Lead a run. Share the fun. Contribute to the club. Pay it forward.

What does it mean to lead a run? It means you want to go wheeling and you are inviting some friends.

Yes, there is a little more to it. You have to post a run announcement. Any member can lead a run.  Runs can be any day of the week. Several Runs can be scheduled on the same day.  If you have questions or concerns about leading feel free to contact me.  Contact Info

On the run you don’t have to babysit people. There is always a mix of experienced people on a run. The experienced 4 wheelers are available and more than willing to help out the less experienced.

Another good thing about being the leader. No dust.

We’ve got lots of good resources on various trails right here on our website.  Trails  We’ve already done most of the work of leading a run for you. On the Day Runs page are 17 trails good for day runs. For each one there are descriptions, maps, pictures, GPS tracks, and an example run announcement. They are canned runs. Most of the work is already done.

To lead a run……

Post a Run Announcement with Required Details

More Tips for Run Leaders 

Suggested Outline for Drivers’ Meeting 

Post a Run Report

Upload Photos