Tips for Run Leaders (no continue at end) (Is a dupe. Make it orphan.)

1. How to select a Trail?
a. Pick a trail YOU want to go on
b. It is not necessary that the leader have been on the trail prior to Run. Pre-run the trail or do research about the trail. Lots of info on trails is available.You can do an “Exploration Run”  (Indicate it in the Run Announcement)
c. Consider distance/time required to get to trailhead.
d. Consider camping or accommodations if overnight Run or long distance travel to the trailhead.
2. Pick a Meeting Place
a. Pick a Meeting Place that is easy to find with sufficient parking. Give directions to meeting place. Not just GPS Coordinates.
b. Prefer meeting near a gas station if possible.
3. When to Schedule a Run?
a. Any Day and Any Time. Note: Runs scheduled for weekends are better attended.
b. Night Runs are best a few nights Before a Full Moon. (More moonlight and the moon rises before dark so is high in the sky after sunset)
4. How to Post a Run Announcement.
a. From the email account you used to join JustRuns send a Run Announcement to or Sign into the JustRuns Yahoo Group at click on “Group Bulletin Board” then click on “New Topic”.
5. Run Announcement Details Needed
a. Leader’ s REAL Name
b. Leader’s Contact Info
c. Date of Run
d. Run Title (Location)
e. Difficulty Rating
f. Run Type (Day/Night Run/Camping Run
(If Camping indicate facilities)
g. Meeting Location/Directions
h. Meet Time
i. Departure Time (Do not leave before indicated Departure Time.)
j. Length (Distance/Time) of Run
k. Required Radio Type (Freq./Channel)
l. Lunch on the Trail?
m. Remind Participants to arrive On Time with full fuel tanks
n. Remind Participants to have all the Required Equipment
6. Driver Meetings (Subjects to Cover)
a. Route Details
b. Trail Difficulty/Equipment Reminder
c. “Estimated” time the trail will take.
d. Communication Radio Type. (CB/Ham) Frequency/Channel (One or the other, Not Both)
e. Airing Down/Disconnecting Sway Bars
f. Each driver should know the Leader’s Name and the Name of the Person Ahead and Behind
g. Remind Participants that it is the vehicle following’s responsibility to Keep Up with the vehicle ahead. If he/she can’t, radio the Leader to slow down.
h. Remind Participants to radio ahead if they want/need to stop for any reason.
i. Remind Participants to Ask for Help. Spotting Help or a “Tug” if they need it
j. Ask people to stay in order if possible.
k. If there are multiple Hams in the group as them to spread out in the group. One near the front and one in the rear and any others in the middle.
l. Remind everyone to have sufficient fuel.
m. Ask if anyone is having any mechanical problems.
n. Remind participants, if they wish to leave the group or take an alternate route.
7. At the Trailhead
a. Stop to allow participants to air down and disconnect anti-sway bars
b. Count the number of vehicles
c. Check to see that everyone has radio comm.
d. Before starting, make sure everyone is finished preparing their vehicles
e. Assign a “Sweep” or “Tail End”, preferably someone familiar with the trail. (if the leader has a Ham it is best if the Sweep has a Ham
8. On the trail
a. Remind participants to keep up with the vehicle ahead. If they can’t keep up or want to stop for any reason to radio and ask the leader to slow down.
b. When coming to a “Challenging” obstacle, stop and allow participants to evaluate their strategy to address the obstacle.
c. When coming to an intersection describe which way to go over the radio.
d. In the event a participant has a mechanical problem on the trail, stop and fix the problem if possible. Each situation is different. Make a decision to continue or not. The solution depends on the situation.
e. In the event of a roll-over, radio the whole group to rush to the scene with their fire extinguishers.
9. After the Run
a. Count the number of vehicles.
b. Make sure all participants are aired up and ready to head home.
c. Say goodbye and thank everyone who participated, particularly the Sweep.
d. Remind everyone to drive carefully when heading home.
e. Remind people who took photos to edit them and upload the good ones to the Album created for the Run in the JustRuns Photo Gallery.
f. Write a brief Run Report and post it on the Group Bulletin Board with the words “Run Report” in the Subject.