Run Announcement – Required Information (Old tax form litany. Make orphan.)

Required Information In Run Announcement¬† ¬† ¬† –to be obsolete 240127–

The purpose of a Run Announcement is to give participants all of the information they need to decide if they want to participate in the run, if they have the equipment and/or skill  for the Difficulty Rating, and exactly when and where to meet.

To Post a Run Announcement log into the Message_Board, go to “Run Announcements”, and click “New Topic”.

You may use the Optional Run Announcement Form.  (What you want to avoid is a mass of people emailing you with questions you could have answered in the announcement. )


Run Announcements should include the following. (Otherwise be prepared to receive a lot of phone, text, and email questions.):

  1. The words¬†“Run Announcement” in the Subject of the message.
  2. Run Location (Name of the Run) e.g. “Big Bear Run”.
  3. Leader’s name (at least a REAL first name), email address,¬† AND¬† mobile phone number.
  4. Date of the Run
  5. Drivers’ Meeting Time¬† (Everyone needs to be gassed up and ready to roll as soon as the drivers’ meeting is finished.)
  6.  Specific Meeting Location   Include directions to meeting place, not just GPS coordinates.   (directions to meeting place) (This is required. You may not keep it a secret for later.)
  7. Departure Time¬† {Redundant? It is always right after the drivers’ meeting.}
  8. Difficulty Rating
  9. Indicate any special  requirements. (extra fuel, trailer, etc.)
  10. Indicate Run Type.
  11. Indicate the radio frequency to be used on Run.
  12. Vehicle size restriction if any. (You may say “No Full Size Vehicles” but you may not exclude a particular make or model 4×4 from a run.)
  13. Indicate if an RSVP is REQUIRED. If an RSVP is not Required, say “RSVP Appreciated but not Required” or don’t mention RSVP. If an RSVP is REQUESTED, the Run Announcement MUST include the Run Leader’s email address in the Body of the Announcement. e.g. “RSVP via email to <your email address>”. (I recommend against accepting third party RSVPs. Every participant should RSVP for themself.)
  14. The Run Leader can limit the number of participants allowed by indicating the limit on the Run Announcement.  If there is a limit on the number of participants, require an RSVP with name, email, and mobile phone number.
  15. Remind participants that they must have ALL the Required Equipment
  16. If Camping is involved indicate type:   a.  Base Camp or Bobtail?   b.  Facilities?  c.   Tents only or RVs OK?
  17. Should participants air down and disconnect before the drivers’ meeting or at the trailhead?
  18. Will there be a stop for lunch or dinner on the trail?
  19. General Run Description – Some information on the names of the trails, the route, overall distance and time.


Recommended Run Announcement Form

Extra Tips for Run Leaders