Drivers’ Meeting Outline (Details. Too many. Save as orphan.)


Drivers’ Meeting Outline       (1/22/24)

Coverage of some items below during the meeting are practical necessities but this outline is not mandatory. A lot of people just wing it.

1. Required Equipment
Everybody got?
tow strap, extinguisher, spare, and jack
Aired down? Now or later?

2.  Radios
Have them? Tuned to correct frequency?
Happy chatter is good but the radio is safety equipment too.
Don’t key and talk long period. Someone may be needing to shout a warning or help request.

3. Order
Not critical
Know name of person before and behind so you can warn each other over radio.

4.  Who is sweep?
For bigger groups sweep should have a better radio than a handheld.  (I.e. mobile with external antenna.)

5.  Pacing
Try to keep the person in front and behind in sight. We don’t have good visibility to the rear and you can’t be constantly looking to the rear. But every once in a while check to see the person behind you. If you don’t see them hold up a bit.
At any unobvious turn make sure the one behind you sees you as you make the turn.

6.  Stopping
If you need to stop, say so.
If you want to stop for a picture, say so.
If it’s been a while and you need to visit the bushes, say so. Somebody else probably has to too.

7.  Traffic
Announce if you see traffic.
(Typically leader and sweep see traffic first but sometimes traffic can come from the side.)

8.  Spotting
If you need spotting don’t be afraid to ask.

9.  Trash
Don’t leave any.
Pick up some if you can.