Where is your Tow Strap ?

Often, when we ask a driver in need of a quick tow, “Where your tow strap?”  the answer is  “It’s in the back somewhere”.

Sometimes when a strap is needed, it is needed quickly.  We don’t have time to sort around looking for the strap.

Everyone’s tow strap should be within reach of the driver or passenger while they are in their seat.  A great place for one’s strap in on the floor behind the passenger seat.  That way the driver can quickly reach the strap and hand it to the person hooking it up.  Also, if your vehicle needs a shackle to hook on a tow strap the shackle should already be on the strap.


Author: Roger Mullins

Owner/Founder/Moderator of JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club. justruns.com