Dogs on Runs

Dogs  are Welcome on Runs unless Forbidden by Area Regulations.
Please be considerate of others who may not “Love” your dog like you do.

Please be considerate.  Not all people Love your dog like you do.  Keep your dog on a leash while in camp, on the trail or when the group is stopped for lunch.  Please pickup after your dog.

While on the trail, do not allow your dog to run free as the group travels.  Doing so can cause a  distraction for other drivers and can result in an accident damage or injury to participants or the dog.

While at camp, if you want to allow your dog to run Off-Leash, do so away from the camp area so it doesn’t annoy other Participants.

Author: Roger Mullins

Owner/Founder/Moderator of JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club.