What is JustRuns ?

JustRuns is an online meeting  place where Members and Guests can share information about 4 Wheeling as well where they can plan and schedule 4 WD trips.  We believe we are the most “Active” 4 Wheel Drive Group in the Country. Since 2002, we have Averaged more than 4 Runs per month for our Members and Guests to choose from.  Most of our trips are to places within a day’s drive of San Diego but we also do longer distance trips to AZ, NV, UT, CO and ID.   We do Day Runs, Base Camp and “Bobtail” Runs.

JustRuns  welcomes all makes and models of 4 WD vehicles with a 2 speed transfer case that are over 1200 lbs and run 27 inch or larger tires.  [su_highlight](Sorry, no Dirt Bikes, Side by Sides or Quads.) [/su_highlight] We welcome Members and Guests that are new to 4 wheeling as well as Experienced participants.

Anyone can join JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club.  There are no “Qualifications” to Join.   All one has to do is go to Yahoo Groups and locate the JustRuns Group.  Then click on “Join this Group” in the upper right hand corner.  

After reading the Posting InstructionsMembers can post messages on the JustRuns Group Bulletin Board.  To do so they must be  using the email account you used to join JustRuns.  Simply send an Email to justruns@yahoogroups.com .  Keep in mind that all Messages posted on the Group Bulletin Board are Reviewed by a Moderator before they appear on the Board.  Depending on Moderator Availability, that can take several minutes to a few days before the message appears.  Please be patient.

JustRuns  purpose is to provide an online meeting  place where people can plan and go on 4 Wheeling and Camping Adventures in the safety of a Group.
There is NEVER a charge for participating in any of our Club Runs/Events.  However, we do appreciate Donations.

  • We “Tread Lightly” and believe in Safe, Environmentally Responsible 4 Wheeling.
  • JustRuns provides an online resource for 4 Wheelers to meet others to go 4 Wheeling in groups.
  • Be sure to read our Required Equipment List as well as our Trail Difficulty Ratings before participating in a Run.
  • Read the Run Announcements carefully for details and possible Special Requirements.
  • Look at the Run Schedule regularly as sometimes Runs are Added or  Cancelled at the last minute.  I recommend checking it before leaving home for a Run.
    We hope to meet you on one of our Runs soon!

Roger Mullins
mailto: justruns@gmail.com
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