Drinking on the Trail


Drinking on the Trail

Participants on our runs must follow California Law at all times. The law forbids operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and forbids drinking alcohol at any time while in a vehicle by either a driver or passenger whether moving or parked.  The law does not distinguish between public or private property.

We prefer that people consume their alcohol in camp, after the run.

We do not allow drinking during our Runs.   We do allow adults to drink one beer during lunch while outside the vehicle.

We do object to participants (including passengers) having more than one beer, or other alcoholic drinks during the Run.  If they persist, they will be asked to not go on future runs.

Like driving anywhere else, driving a vehicle off road while under the influence endangers the person drinking, other occupants of his/her vehicle as well as others on the trail.

Anyone, whether Driver or Passenger who refuses to follow this policy will be asked to not attend JustRuns Events/Runs.

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