Posting Instructions

JustRuns Bulletin Board Posting Instructions
Anyone can Read the Bulletin Board but only Members can Post

Please read the Posting Instructions before Posting on the Board.
Our Rules are different than those of other Groups.

This Bulletin Board is meant for messages meant to the Group as a whole, not messages meant for a single person.  Messages to a specific person should be sent to the person directly via email.

To become a Member go to and create a Yahoo Account.  Then go to Yahoo Groups .  Search for the JustRuns Group then select “Join This Group”.

Non-Members can view the JustRuns Group Bulletin but only Members can post messages. They must use the email account they used to Join the Group.  In order to keep out SPAM, all messages are reviewed by a Moderator before they are posted on the Bulletin Board.  Sometimes there is a delay before they appear.  Please be patient.

Posting Rules/Instructions

Send an email to: from the Account you used to Join JustRuns..
  1. Only messages intended for the Group as a whole and  Relevant to 4 Wheeling or Camping are allowed.
  2. Before Posting a Run Announcement, please review the Run Announcement instructions,
  3. Send messages intended for  a specific person directly to them via email.
  4. Include your Real Name (at least a Real First Name).
  5. Replies/Responses should be sent to the original writer via email unless the response is of General Interest to the Group.
  6. When Responding or Replying to a Message on the Board, DO NOT include a copy of the original message stacked below your Reply/Response. Instead, provide the context for the Reply in the Body or Subject. One should not have to read the message below to understand your Reply/Response.
  7. Use Basic English, Capitalization and Punctuation. No “Texting Styles/Abbreviations”.
  8. No Political Discussion. This includes 4WD related Political Discussion.
  9. Personal Ads for 4WD, Camping or Radio related items ONLY.
  10. For Sale messages must include an ASKING PRICE, and your REAL NAME, at least a real First Name, Email and Phone Number .  Remind people to respond Directly.
  11. Yahoo often  truncates email addresses by deleting everything after the “@” sign. If you want a Response or an RSVP, disguise your email address by putting in Returns between parts of your address or use the words “At” instead of “@” and the word “Dot” instead of a period in your email address.
  12. Please use Standard Grammar and Punctuation, Not Texting Styles.

    All Messages are Reviewed by a Moderator before they appear on the Board. Sometimes it takes a couple of days before they appear on the Board. Please be patient and do not send duplicates.