Convoying on the Highway

When convoying on the highway, all vehicles should drive with their headlights on.  They also should leave enough space between vehicles so vehicles wanting to pass from the rear can have room to duck in to the line if needed when traffic approaches.

Check your Winch !

Winches usually go long periods without use.  Often years.
It’s a good idea to check your winch, from time to time, before it is needed to make sure it operates .

When you need a winch, you need it to work !

Where is your Tow Strap?

Where is your Tow Strap?

Often, when one asks 4 Wheelers where their tow strap is, they will say in the back of their vehicle, often still in its original wrapper inside their tool box.

In an Emergency, when you need a tow strap, you usually need it quickly.  Tow straps should be somewhere the driver can reach it while in their seat.  You certainly don’t want to have to open the back and sort around trying to find the strap.  When alone, a good place is on the floor in front of the passenger seat.  If you have a passenger, on the floor behind the passenger seat.

Runs Needed

Runs don’t “Just Happen”.  The only reason any runs get scheduled is because some Member has taken the time to Plan, Post and Lead a run.  If no one “Steps Up” there will be no Runs.  Leading a Run is Fun and Easy and there is less dust.
If you’ve been a Member for some time and have never led a Run, it’s your turn!  If you need ideas or suggestions about trails or if you have any questions about leading, email me at

See: How to post a Run Announcement.