Required Equipment

Basic Required Equipment for all Runs

Before Jan 1 2019

  • Radio Meter Ham or CB (Type indicated in each  Run Announcement.) 
     Most Run Leaders now specify that all participants on their runs have Ham Radios.  Ham Radio is far superior to CB.
    license is not required to buy or monitor Ham frequencies 
    and no license is required to use a radio in an emergency situation.
    You can buy a good hand held Ham Radio that will work great on the trail for less than $30 on Amazon or Ebay.  Look for a Baofeng UV-5_

  • Tow Attachment Points – Front and Rear
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tow Strap or Rope (No Metal Hooks)
  • Serviceable Spare, Tire Changing Tools, Jack Capable of Lifting Your 4×4. (Preferably not a High Lift Jack) 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Seat Belts for all Passengers
  • Secure Battery
  • Liability Insurance
  • Mexican Liability Insurance for all Mexico Trips
  • Driver must be Licensed, 18 or older or accompanied by guardian.
  • Air Compressor or CO2 Tank. (Make sure it is Full)
  • Any “Special Equipment” the Leader Specifies.  Eg. extra fuel, winch, etc.