Warn Power Plant Winch/Compressor Combination

These are powerful winches and fast compressors and they are convenient.

I do NOT recommend them !

The problem is:  The same motor and relay operate both the winch and the compressor.  If either the motor or the ralay fail you not only don’t have a winch, you don’t have a compressor either.

Winches are very seldom used and only run for short periods .  If you travel with a Group it is  likely will not use your winch for years.   When you do, it is usually only for a couple of minutes run time.

You use your compressor just about every time you go 4 Wheeling.  It also runs for a long time airing up 4 tires.  Since you are using the same motor/relay as the winch you put a lot of “Miles” on them.

Another problem is, the Power Plant winch/compressor  is mounted on the front of your 4×4 where it is exposed to lots of dirt.  There is no way to lubricate it or to really clean it.  Airing up 4 large tires takes time and the compressor gets hot causing it to fail over time.  Since you use it almost every trip it gets a lot more hours on the motor & relay than a winch would get.

I’ve had my Power Plant for about 10 – 12 years and my 4 th motor just failed.  I’ve also had 2 relays fail.  Each time the motor repair costs more than a good portable compressor or inexpensive winch costs.

The only place to have  a Warn winch repaired is at Tri-County Gear near Ontario CA.  They don’t carry parts and neither does the factory.  Spare parts are built to order.  That means two trips to Ontario.  1 to diagnose the problem and order the parts and another to install them.  It takes a day to go to Ontario, have the problem diagnosed and come home.  Then another trip to have the winch repaired a week or two later when the parts arrive.

One can buy a couple of good portable compressor and 1 or 2 less expensive winches cheaper than a  Warn Power Plant Compressor/Winch .

I do not recommend buying a Warn Power Plant Winch/Compressor combo.

Author: Roger Mullins

Owner/Founder/Moderator of JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club. justruns.com